About Us Foster Blue Water Oil was founded in January 2003 through a merger of two Michigan companies, Foster Oil Company and Blue Water Oil Company. Combined we offer over 75 years of experience in the Petroleum industry. Foster Blue Water Oil along with our affiliates, Blue Flame Propane, Inc., Sunrise Stores, LLC, Blue Water Oil Transport LLC, My Choice Energy can accommodate all of your energy needs. We offer seven retail offices with bulk plants and warehouses to serve the propane industry, home heating oil, various grades of gasoline, diesel fuels, lubricants, independent station owners, marinas, and construction contractors. We operate eleven Pacific Pride locations and twenty eight Sunrise Convenience Stores located throughout Michigan. Our stores are branded Marathon or BP. My Choice Energy can provide the consumer with fixed price programs for natural gas. Foster Blue Water Oil and its affiliate Blue Water Oil Transport - FLT owns and operates one of the largest fleets of transport trucks and tank wagons in Michigan. These are used to supply our local bulk plants, stores, and large customer base. We haul gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, lubricants and propane throughout Michigan. If you need lubricants, Foster Blue Water Oil can deliver. We offer Conoco Phillips brand motor oil for the trucking and farm fleets, and hydraulic oils, processing oils, and metal working fluids for the industrial processing plants around the state. Please  contact us for more information, or to request a quote for a specific product.
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36065 Water Street P.O. Box 430 Richmond, MI  48062-0430 586.727.3996
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