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Commercial Fueling

   Foster Blue Water Oil is a family operated company and we offer a wide variety of services to choose from to fit your commercial fueling needs. Whether it is for farming, construction, or trucking we will do our best to provide you with our top service so your company can keep moving.

Products & Services
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PS Xtreme Diesel

87 Octane Regular (10% ETHANOL)

89 Octane Midgrade (10% ETHANOL)​​​​​

93 Octane Premium (10% ETHANOL)​

90 Octane Recreational (NO ETHANOL)

110 Octane VP 110 (LEADED)

112 Octane VP Blue (LEADED)


#2 ULSD Dyed Diesel (Off-Road)

#2 ULSD Clear Diesel (On-Road)

Power Service Xtreme Diesel Dyed

Power Service Xtreme Diesel Clear

Power Service Xtreme Plus Diesel Dyed

Power Service Xtreme Plus Diesel Clear


Clear Kerosene


Complete Fuel Tank Leasing Programs

Complete Fuel Tanks

Wet-hose Fueling

Fleet Fueling

Bulk Fuel Deliveries (200 gallons min.)

Bulk Storage

24 Hour Emergency Service

Equipment & Accessories







Splash Guards

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Delivery Services

COMMERCIAL DELIVERY SCHEDULE - Avoid constant orders when your business is busy, we can set up automatic deliveries for commercial customers based on your needs - whether it be every day or once a month.

Payment Plans

ACH PROGRAM - This program saves a check, a stamp and avoids any late payment fees. We can set your account up to draft from your banking account on the day it's due. We will also send you verificaton on the draft.

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