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     One of the quickest ways businesses can cut costs is to closely monitor fuel consumption and eliminate slippage. Poorly constructed fuel purchasing programs are costing fleet operators hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars each month. Over a year’s time, the cost can be staggering.

     Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to monitor their employee’s fueling activity. Blue Water Fuel Management is the answer! We function as your outsourced fleet manager, offering both strategic fueling locations throughout the country, and control mechanisms designed to reduce your total cost of fueling.

     Our fuel management program is saving businesses as much as $.30 per gallon by reducing slippage and increasing employee productivity. Even businesses with only five vehicles are benefiting from our services. The simple truth is, our fueling system prohibits drivers from behaving in a manner that drives up your cost. By offering the highest level of transaction control and activity analysis, employees quickly learn that our system can’t be cheated.

     Since our facilities are dedicated to commercial fueling only, drivers don’t waste time waiting in long lines to fuel, or by having to go inside to pay. More importantly, the Blue Water Fuel Management environment does not expose them to temptations that waste company time and reduce production profit (such as browsing c-stores, socializing with clerks, or other drivers).

     If you would like a customized Aggregate Fuel Cost Analysis that identifies your potential savings, simply call us at (800) 552-4919.

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