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Blue Water Oil Transport

   Foster Blue Water Oil, LLC offers reliable, independent fuel transport through our Blue Water Oil Transport (FLT) division.  We maintain a fleet of trucks throughout the state to handle large deliveries of fuel (gas and distillates), propane, and lubes.


   We deliver to a wide variety of customers, including gas stations, farmers, state agencies, and others.  We also can transport fuel for other fuel suppliers on a contract-haul basis. Blue Water Oil Transport, with our experienced drivers, can manage ALL your bulk fuel needs and transport fuel contracts.  We can transport up to 13,400 gallons of fuel and up to 17,000 gallons of propane per load. Our drivers have all necessary certifications for fuel transport with Hazmat endorsements.  Our Blue Water Oil Transport safety ratings are at the highest certification levels.  In addition, we hold certifications with the U.S. DOT, MPSC, IFTA, and the National Motor Freight Traffic Association.  We are also certified to haul within Ontario, Canada.


   Give us the opportunity to see that we can meet your transportation needs.  Contact our dispatch department today for a free no obligation quote

Fueling your life

Contact Dispatch

Dennis LaFore

Ph. (800) 552-4919


Jeff Cox

Ph. (800) 552-4919

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